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Teachers day Celebration

Teachers day is celebrated every year throughout the country to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. This year 2020, due to pandemic it was decided to celebrate Teacher's day through virtual platform. The program started with live  prayers and messages by our Rev. Sister principal Sr. Leena and Sisters. Students had prepared a beautiful cultural program for Sisters and Teachers. The theme of the program was HOPE - A  RAY OF LIGHT. The program included Prayer Service followed by prayer dance, songs, enactment, poems by students to express their love and affection towards teachers. The efforts taken by our dear  students were worth appreciating.

September 05, 2020

Independence Day

With the covid 19 looming large, the students of Classes l to V went the digital way letting their patriotic spirits soar high never before. Taking the new-media route they set an example that no obstacle can stop them from paying tributes to the nation. Students conveyed the message of patriotism and national spirit through poster making, poem recitation, slogan,dance and rendering of songs.

August 15, 2020

Independence Day

Due to Covid-19 we had very small gathering and a brief celebration in which the program commenced with the hoisting of the flag by the Principal Rev. Sr. Leena and was followed by meaningful prayer service in which we prayed especially to God Almighty to heal the world from he pandemic Covid-19. The program with a patriotic song and a speech by Rev. Sr. Elsie.

August 15, 2020

Gandagi Mukt Bharat

The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation organised a week long campaign for swachhta from 8th August to 15th August 2020.

Through online medium students of Classes l to V showcased their creativity, artistic skills and expressed their desire in the form of poster making and slogans for a garbage free clean India.


August 08, 2020

Rakhi Design Making

“The Bond Of Love Between a Brother and a Sister”

Celebrating the festival by creativity and the holy thread of different colours makes the best ‘Knot of Protection’.

Classes l to V took pleasure in preparing Rakhi at Home for the students to share the happiness and love for their siblings.

August 04, 2020


To enthral the devotion of festive spirit ,Sophia School Bikaner celebrated farewell party for the students of class XII on 31 January 2020 in the school premises. On this occasion all the students of class XII registered their enthusiastic presence to make the event memorable. There was a fine amalgamation of Eastern and Western dance presentations by class XI students.

It was indeed a memorable day to cherish. The function culminated with  group photographs and scrumptious lunch. The enthusiastic seniors were bound to take back wonderful memories of the day. A token of love was given to all the outgoing students, the day was filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement!


January 31, 2020


The Green House teachers of secondary section planned the Advent prayer service on 30th Nov. 2019 in order to mark the beginning of the Christmas celebration. Advent is the season of Love, Hope and promise. In this season we worship and prepare for the birth of a baby in a humble stable in Bethlehem and remind ourselves that this child will become the savior of the world. Later on the teachers were asked to choose a card with the name of a staff member which was to be kept secret remembering the member in his or her prayers till the day of Christmas.

November 30, 2019


The students of class VI actively participated in a rally in order to spread the message that Education is a fundamental human right, without which capabilities for a decent life and effective participation in society are less likely to be developed. All the students participated enthusiastically making sure that the rally leaves an impact on people.

November 28, 2019


A few student representatives from classes VI – XI visited the blind school in the New Shiv Bari area on 28th Nov. 2019. They were accompanied by the principal Sr. Leena. Students were taught through special papers and were writing using special machines. They were well disciplined and were trying to learn more and more without thinking about their physical disorder. Our students learnt discipline, respect for teachers and how to stay happy in any circumstances. There differently abled students deserve our love and sincere appreciation.

November 28, 2019




The Constitution is not merely a statement of values and philosophy, it is a constitution mainly about embodying these values into institutional arrangements. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class XI – C on the Constitution Day i.e 26th November 2019. A prayer service was organized highlighting the fact how the Indian Constitution was made, What its foundation values are and how it provided good framework for the conduct of citizens life and that of the government. The assembly also paid homage to the Father of the Constitution Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the chairman of the Drafting Committee. He as a social revolutionary thinker and agitator against caste division and caste based inequalities played a key role in making of the Constitution.

During the assembly the Preamble of the Constitution was also read out as it is the soul of the Indian Constitution.

Later an Ex-Sophian Khushali Kaura, a graduate from Dehradun Law University who is a lawyer was invited for enlightening talk. Her views broadened the knowledge of Constitution and all the students listened patiently about the laws, duties and rights provided to women in India. Finaly the students of Secondary and Senior Secondary Section felt that the Constitution has been crafted beautifully in accordance with people’s aspirations and changes in society.


November 26, 2019