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The feast day of Sr. Seema was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The day began with a prayer service. Teachers expressed their affection by offering prayers, singing feast songs and presenting cards and bouquets.

September 07, 2019


It is rightly said that “ Girls are no less than men.” On 6 September 2019 Friday a special seminar on girl child was conducted in the school campus. The seminar was a motivating one. It began with a meaningful prayer service by class IX A followed by some heart touching video clips and  welcoming of the special guest Dr. Shefali Dadhich, an ex-Sophian and an experienced gynecologist by Sr. Principal. She had an inspirational talk with the students of classes IX to XII. She laid emphasis on the problems faced by present day girls. She also encourages the students to have a goal in life and chose it tirelessly and advised them to listen to their elders especially their teachers and parents. It was truly an enlightening and memorable day which made them realize the strength of girls.

September 06, 2019


“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill love for learning.”

Management Day and Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm on 5th September 2019. A special assembly was conducted followed by dance and came to an end with a beautiful song dedicated to the sisters and teachers as a token of gratitude. The principal Rev. Sr. Leena addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words. She thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work.

Teachers indulged in fun filled activities that marked the celebration. They sang, danced and played together creating memories to cherish forever. They day came to an end with the scrumptious lunch hosted by the school.

September 05, 2019


Water is the most precious gift of nature. It is an essential components of life and is vital for sustenance, without water nothing can live, thus water conservation has become a need of the hour. So, we should all stand together to conserve water to save life.

Spreading this message to save water, students of class VIII C presented a class assembly on 3rd Sep. 2019. Students highlighted some amazing facts about water and urged others  never waste it.

Students conducted a small rally ‘Pani Bin Jeevan Nahi’ to motivate audience to join the mission of saving water.

September 03, 2019