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Independence Day Celebration

On 15 August 2021, Sophia Senior Secondary School celebrated the 75 Independence Day following COVID Protocol. The program commenced with the unfurling of the Tricolour by the guest of honour Mr. Amar Singh Rawat. He is the senior co-worker of our school known for his hardwork and devotion towards his duties. Teachers and office bearers set the tone for the program with recital of patriotic classics such as 'Bde Chalo' and 'Hum veer siphai'. Speeches which described the velour of our freedom fighters.  

The highlights of the program were the prayer service, patriotic songs by primary and secondary teachers, and skit on 'unity in diversity by KG Section teachers. The programme ended with a vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Devendra Madan.

August 15, 2021

The Feast Day of St. Clare

Clare of Assisi was a contemporary of Francis of Assisi. Inspired by the life and preaching of Francis, she decided to dedicate her life to God. She wanted to preach the gospel, just as Francis was doing. However the Church was not ready for woman to be itinerant preachers. So she was advised to live the gospel life in the cloistered monastery.
Under the guidance of Francis, Clare began her challenge. Soon other women joined her and her monastery began to flourish in numbers and fervour.
Her story is one of courage, determination and faithfulness. She is a powerful intercessor. The patron of eye disease, goldsmiths, laundry, television, bicycle messengers, good weather, needleworkers, remote viewing, extrasensory perception, etc.
.On 11th August we celebrated the Feast Day of St. Clare of Assisi, who devoted her life to prayers and service . To honour this Saint , a Prayer Service was conducted by the K.G. teachers.


August 11, 2021

We Bid you Adieu

Our dear teachers Miss Rita Bhimaya, Mrs. Meena Pandey and Mrs. Maya Shekhawat dedicated their lives selflessly towards the noble duty of shaping the lives of young Sophians. We acknowledge their outstanding service towards us and express our gratitude towards them.

August 07, 2021

Foundation Day

 As a result of Covid-19 restrictions in schools, we could not celebrate our Foundation Day together as we normally would, so we had a virtual celebration making use of technology

April 26, 2021

School reopens Academic Session 2021-22.

We were hoping for dipping cases and happy faces of students and preparing for ‘return to normal’ fully functional new academic session 2021-22, but circumstances are grim so ‘Online classes’ will be continued. Covid-19 has posed significant challenges in the continuity of learning. Nevertheless it has not dampened our spirit. We started the new academic session 2021-22 by conducting online classes. Parents were informed as per the directives of the directorate regarding the new teaching session.

April 06, 2021

Motivational talk by Lt.Col. Deepti

Since teachers are the second most important influence on a young person’s life, after their parents,the roots, the basis, the foundation of any other career a ‘Motivational Seminar’ was organised by our Principal, Sr. Leena to ‘Empower Educators’ through ‘Continuous Professional Development’. It’s hard for the staff not to miss the daily contact of their colleagues, the routines of their classrooms, and the in-person collaboration with other teachers. The ‘Motivational talk by Lt.Col. Deepti’ from the Indian Army was an inspiration for the teachers at the onset of the new academic session 2021-22.The entire staff of Sophia Bikaner had an engaging and enriching session with Lt.Col. Deepti.

April 05, 2021

Inauguration of The New Block and Blessing of the School

It was indeed a special morning for all of us – the management and staff Sophia,Bikanerthe celebration of the inauguration of the New Block. We are all sure that God’s blessings of deeper love, fuller trust in God and a greater peace of heart have come down mightily on this new building and on all of us. Let’s hope that this temple of learning will stand erect for many years to come, giving the light of truth and knowledge and thereby fulfil the real purpose of education. Rev. Fr. Sebastian and Father Dony of BBS, inaugurated the New Block by cutting the ribbon. Rev. Fr. Sebastian and Father Dony lead the ceremony of blessing through prayer service, and blessed the entire school building by sprinkling the Holy Water.

April 05, 2021

Special Assembly ‘Founders Day.’

 We embrace our past on Founder’s Day while celebrating the present and looking forward to the future.Founders’ Day is extremely important for the school for two reasons: firstly, it is a day on which we celebrate achievement – our many achievements, individual and collective; second, it is an important occasion for the whole school to be together, to do things together, and to remember that we are an important and strong community.Keeping our Founder's words of enlightenment, the school conducted a special assembly holding all the necessary protocols of Covid on April 5, 2021.Our tribute to Rev. Father Henry Caumont exemplifies the continuation into the present day of the high standards of education for girls that he established.

April 05, 2021

Farewell 2020-21

A very exciting moment for the XII class students who have been waiting for this programme throughout the year. The program commenced with welcome note by our teachers followed by meaningful prayer service and inspirational skit and songs performed specially by the teachers for their loving students. Principal’s message was a source of enlightenment for the students. Program concluded with a very pious candle ceremony where the flame of knowledge was passed from 12th standard students to their juniors.

March 18, 2021

International Women's day

International women's day was celebrated in Sophia Senior Secondary School Bikaner on 8 March 2021 which amplified the social, cultural, economic and political power of female .To make this day more meaningful a very inspiring prayer service was organised by male staff members of our school in honour of women on the theme 'Nari tu hi Shakti hai' .

A meaningful message was portrayed through this prayer service which emphasized that female reflect the power of universe ,she is the nurturer ,she is the incarnation of 'Shakti' the goddess of Power.

Male staff members gave numerous examples of female empowerment in various fields of art, science , literature, civil services, politics, etc. They even acknowledged the mighty contribution carried by our Mission sisters of Ajmer. Sisters with their great vision and remarkable strength of perseverance  run  numerous colleges ,school ,hospitals and charity institution  from past 100 years in empowering the female child.

It was indeed a wonderful day which left behind the imprints of realisation that females are equally an integral part of  development for any  country.

March 08, 2021