Admission Policy For
Sophia Schools

The Management reserves to itself the right to admit pupils into the school. Admission will be granted according to the availability of seats at the time of admissions.

All are required to abide by the rules which regulate the policy of Admissions i.e. time of application and registration, date and time of visit, date and time of submitting of admission forms and fees to the school office.

The following is the order of priority for admission of students:

  1. All Catholic and Christian children
  2. Children having sisters studying in the school provided they are found fit.
  3. Children of school staff members.
  4. Children of the neighbourhood.
  5. Children of government servants on transfer.
  6. Pupils from our own schools on transfer.
  7. Special cases at the discretion of the Management.
  8. In all these categories the poor have preference.

20% or more of all admissions each year must be reserved for the economically deprived as per XII General Chapter. Students coming for admission will be admitted after a qualifying test on the knowledge of the previous class. On the dates specified Registration forms will be issued on payment of Registration fee.

  1. Students will have to seek fresh admission to Std. XI.
  2. Admission will be strictly done on the basis of Merit and the availability of Seats.
  3. A student's unsatisfactory, incorrigible conduct & poor attendance upto class X will disqualify her for admission to class XI inspite of her academic result.
  4. For the time being, the school has opted for the academic streams of Science and Commerce with subject as follows.

•     Science : English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology and Informatics/Hindi

•     Commerce : English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Informatics/Maths/Hindi

•     Arts : English, History, Geography, Economics, Hindi/Maths