The Catholic school is a learning community, animated by the spirit of love taught by Jesus, living His Gospel values. The Catholic Church is engaged in the ministry of teaching of which the Catholic school is an expression – because it is part and parcel of the mandate she has received from her founder. The mandate is to proclaim the Good News that God loves every human being unconditionally, irrespective of caste and creed. Our ministry should prepare every person whom we teach to accept this love of God, and live in a way worthy of it. Hence the Catholic school has Christ as its central motivating force. His values as expressed in His teachings and put into practice in the virtues of love, sincerity, freedom, justice etc. will so permeate the organization of the school that persons of all social backgrounds, even the most deprived, will feel welcome in the loving warmth brought about by Christian service. The efficient and smooth functioning of the administrative machinery depends to a very great extent on the Principal, the teaching and non-teaching staff who are inter-dependant and co-responsible in the task of education and the efficient running of the school. This manual has been drawn up to aid the collaborators in this adventure of education. The school is run on democratic principles with an education focused centrally on the child, in a free atmosphere of love, concern and respect. In this manual, effort has been made to delineate all that concerns the day to day functioning of the school, the role of the teaching and non teaching staff and the Management's expectations in the co-responsible task of education. It is the duty of every member of the staff to be imbued – with the dedicated spirit of the MSA Institution and also of its motto, so that these values can be imparted to the pupils and the aims achieved down the years. It is hoped that all those who enter its portals leave it with the distinctive mark of the Institution engraved upon them. The staff is expected to be familiar with its manual. Its contents are open to revision and adaptation to suit the changing needs of the school and the times.